Monday, April 20, 2009

Short Ext Conference Résumé

I'm not going to go through each session here. For a more detailed summary:
  • Check out all tweets with the #extconf tag.
  • Read Tim Sporcic's opinionated but therefore interesting daily round-ups.
  • See pictures from Nils Dehl and Sergei Kozlov.
  • Or wait for the session presentations and videos to be online. :-)

With this post, I basically want to thank the Ext team and all people I have been able to meet and talk to!

I also like to share some of my "after event" thoughts:
  1. The Ext team is a very talented team. They really know what they talk about and they work their butts off to make Ext better every day and night!
  2. The conference's location was awesome. Having the conference in the hotel where almost all attendees stayed, made it a lot easier to actually meet a lot of people after the sessions. Some argued a luxurious hotel as the Ritz-Carlton isn't a hotel for geeks. I think though most of the team and attendees have deserved a few days off in the luxurious world.
  3. The food was superb. Haven't really ever seen food looking so perfectly prepared. To be fair to all other high-class restaurants, I'm usually not eating in those restaurants.
  4. A lot Ruby-less, Test-less, Mac-less, Twitter-less community than I'm used to from the Ruby on Rails community.
  5. I met a bunch of interesting and fun people. That really made the 50% of the overall return on investment for me.
  6. It's great to know the people behind the commit names and forum avatars, which really makes it a lot more feel like a community.
  7. None of the sessions I attended were boring, which might have been a fear for me and some others after having worked with Ext JS for quite some time.
  8. The Ext company is a great venture which already came very far, and my impression is, that they have a bag full of secrets and surprises for the future (Ext Marketplace) to rock the javascript and user interface world even more. Point 1 supports this impression strongly.

Thanks again to all I've met and talked to! Hopefully keeping in touch with some of you!


Anonymous said...


Was good to meet you even if we didn't get a chance to hang out a bit casually.