Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ext JS Events, Observable and DomHelper slides

Want to learn more advanced stuff about how to use Ext JS?
Check out these slides from an Ext JS core developer named Aaron Conran. You might know him from the Ext JS forum.

First a very good and quick introduction to Javascript, where you learn more about strictly (not) equals such as === and !== which you encounter often in the Ext JS code and also some nice to know information about the difference between null and undefined.

The next presentation teaches you about Ext JS Event Handling:

Next a presentation about Ext JS Observable Class which includes a nice example of how to catch all fired events of an object and print them to your firebug console.

Ext JS's Dom helpers should also be checked out!

Thanks Aaron for putting together these very helpful slides!


Eneko said...

Thank u and thanks to Aaron :)