Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ext JS Screencast (Sketchcast) about Ext.extend and Ext.override

Jay Garcia from TGD innovations LLC started doing a series of screencasts (or so-called sketchcasts) about Ext JS. Here's his second one about Ext.extend and Ext.override. It's certainly an interesting way of doing a screencast using a (digital) whiteboard.

Check out his Blog at which also includes some nice explained Ext JS examples.


Anonymous said...

Hi Steffen,

Thanks for the mention :). My goal is to incorporate just about all of the available technologies to discuss topics. As some folks are visual (such as myself) before seeing actual code, I think this can help many people understand core concepts and components in the long run. They are like building blocks :)

Steffen Hiller said...

Hi Jay,

I'm a more visual-learning type as well, that's why I like your screencast. Looking forward to see more!
What do you mean with "My goal is to incorporate just about all of the available technologies"? Do you mean technologies/patterns used in Ext JS or do you mean you're going to do screencasts that don't have anything to do with Ext JS, too?


Anonymous said...

Hi Steffen,

To elaborate on that comment:

I want to include sketchcasting, screencasting and podcasting.

To break these down:
sketchasting - virtual whiteboarding,
screencasting - video recording screens, mainly code and visual demonstration.
podcasting - method of deployment via any RSS feed. :)

Ext and Javascript will be the main focus. Eventually, I wish to expand the contributors beyond myself. I am working on a curriculum/schedule so there can be a 'path' that newbies can walk.

Steffen Hiller said...

Aaah ok, I was thinking about technologies you talk about instead of technologies you're using for presenting your tutorials. Thanks for your clarification!
I think your casts are and will be a great way to teach people about ext js. And as I just saw in the ext js forum, you already have a lot of authority in the ext forum, so you are the right man for doing this! ;-)

michael said...

This might give some ideas... Would be cool for some of the ext gurus to join the faculty.

Anonymous said...

Part #2 of Ext.extend and Ext.each both uploaded :). I finally got around to posting my own videos. Employed a really quick way of applying the flash object to the site too :)

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